Effect of Federal Incentives on adoption of EHR systems.

World today is gripped with this highly integrated neural information network, of human supported information technology (IT). Every other industry and their business models are very much a parasite on this network. Healthcare being a more human centric service industry had been less influenced by this IT reform, but over the years the advancements in semiconductor industry has led to the introduction of highly sophisticated, yet very efficient and user friendly medical devices.  These advancements did surely improve the quality of patient care but growing human needs on the lines of growing competition among healthcare providers had raised the bar of patient care.

An answer to this was the use of electronic patient charting which over the time has evolved into the computerization of all or most patient related activities, ranging from prescription charting to settling of medical bills. Unfortunately this trend did not influence a majority of the medical fraternity, on account of high startup costs, inability of the technology providers to suit the needs of specific practice specialties and a laid back federal mindset in creating a favorable environment, through appropriate policy framework.  It is a shift in federal mindset which was the need of the time and so it came. Today the various federal initiatives like the CCHIT certification, PQRI and ARRA incentives and the recent extension to it through the introduction of the HITECT act has fostered market demand, which obviously has attracted hundreds of new Healthcare IT providers.

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Web-based EMR and Medical Practice Management Software

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Specialty-specific solutions to meet your practice’s specific needs

Our web based EMR and Practice Management Solution is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of small and medium-sized practices with specialty-specific templates that further ensure maximum efficiency for your practice.

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We use a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) with the latest advancements in secure, web-based platform technology that ensures safe, reliable data integrity and HIPAA privacy and security compliance – without the need to purchase expensive computer systems, software, and maintenance contracts.